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Can you OD on Airborne?

Since Tuesday night, I have battled the cold and/or flu.  To go along with the coughing, I have had a slight fever as well as a good headache to go along with it.  I did get a flu shot this year in hopes of avoiding all sickness, but you really can’t dodge the common cold.

So to combat this cold, I figure my immune system needs a little boost.  I am downing more Trop 50 than I normally would drink in a month, staying up on my vitamins and lastly, going with the Airborne tablets.

My girlfriend and I generally default to a few doses of Airborne tablets when we get sick in an attempt to slow down the sickness.  This got me to thinking – can you take too much of this stuff?

So after a few Google/Bing searches later, you can take too much of this stuff.   But just defaulting to everyone’s favorite Wikipedia, I quote the Airborne entry –

“There are no studies supporting Airborne’s effectiveness that meet scientific standards. The “GNG Pharmaceutical Services Inc.” study often referenced in the debate over Airborne’s effectiveness was sponsored by the Knight-McDowell Labs, manufacturers of Airborne. In February 2006, ABC News discovered that GNG Pharmaceutical Services has no official clinic, scientists, or even doctors. In fact the company comprises only two men, who started the company just to perform this study. Because of the bad publicity that this controversy has brought forth, Knight-McDowell Labs has removed all references to the study from their packaging and web site”

Awesome.  To cap it off, I wont recite the article here, but the side effects of overdosing on some of the vitamins that are in the recommended dosage of a tablet every three hours with a max of three per day are a little scary.  Again, from ye olde Wiki

“The manufacturers recommend that users should take a pill 3 times a day which means that they will exceed the recommended daily dose of Vitamin A by three times. Vitamin A toxicity can cause nauseavomitinganorexiairritabilitydrowsinessaltered mental statusblurred visionheadache and muscle pain and weakness.”

I think I will just eat an apple, take my standard vitamins and get a little more sleep from here on out.


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  1. Dan says:

    I tried it once, didn’t see a difference. I think it’s at that mid-range pricepoint that screams scam. When you price it with the real medicine people assume that it must be legit.

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