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Let’s Pre-Order a Digital Download…Just Because

After a soul-crushing flag football defeat tonight in Seattle Center, I naturally floated to my laptop to keep track of my fantasy teams and check out if the latest Engadget podcast had downloaded to my iTunes library yet.

In my multi-tab stupor, I noticed a friend who said they were checking out the new Kanye album.  I could write a whole post on why I don’t like him as a person, but his music has always been great.

So while the podcast downloaded, I noticed that I can pre-order the new Kanye album today on iTunes.  Then I thought to myself – why would anyone ever actually do that?

New Kanye album available for pre-order

Here, pre-order a digital copy. Apparently these are scarce?

So I did a few Google searches, and the only thing that the internet can come up with is that there can be (but not all the time) a lower price for a pre-order than when you order it after release.  However, a few of the same searches have shown me that generally for high-demand digital downloads (movies, music) don’t get this price break.

Another thought from the internet was that so Apple can already begin to collect money on albums that haven’t released yet.  I am no accountant, but I think that accounting rules wouldn’t allow the recognition of revenue unless the product/service has been delivered.

If anyone has ever done this, please let me know why, and if there was any benefit.


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