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Sharing is Caring!

As I continue to experiment with the blog, I have found a way to add the standard sharing buttons on the bottom of my posts. Be on the lookout for the below, and if you find me insightful, spot on, completely off-base or want to shamelessly re-tweet and share my posts, I won’t stop you.



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First Shot @ Blogging from the iPhone

So this is my first run at my experiment to see if I can only blog from my iPhone – and see how this all works.

The real challenge probably is how long I will stay on top of this blog, as my old Blogger account that was dedicated to just iPhone photography lasted about 2 months. I updated that four or five times.

This blog hopefully have a little more staying power considering I payed a hefty $16 for the custom domain name . I plan to also feature iPhone shots through my Flickr stream now, which should also pop up on this blog. I haven’t checked yet today, but I have already uploaded some photos from my phone directly to my Flickr stream.

After some rock climbing tonight, I will have to see if it worked. That, and change my WordPress template again. I have a way of constantly playing with settings.

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