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Mac App Store Opens Today

With a little fanfare during CES 2011, the Apple Mac Store is wedging itself into OS X 10.6.6. With a modest standard software update on your MacBook (or other Mac computers), you will find a rounded version of their standard App Store icon in your dock that pretty much anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch would recognize.

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I sprinted to my MacBook today and downloaded the package and got to work.

My first impression is really two fold. First, it basically behaves just like the iOS version. Fire up a quick search, maybe browse if that is your fancy, click on the free or price icon and it downloads directly to your dock, and placed in your applications folder.

Second, this makes installing Mac software mind-numbingly easy. One of my main frustrations with Mac since I became a regular user a year ago was the app installation process, especially coming from Windows. You would have to download a disk image, open that, sometimes you would have to drag that to the applications folder, sometimes not…there was lot of guesswork, especially for a newbie. Apple has successfully ported the idea of software installation from the iPhone and iPod touch to the Mac with the same ease that made the “app” as popular as it is now.

The usual Apple rules apply, such as rev share agreements and an approval process – but for the Mac developers out there that make great software, this is the ultimate distribution portal. I wouldn’t have discovered Tweetie unless I did some browsing/research and then downloaded. Now, it will probably end up being a top Mac store app with a built-in audience to discover it.

So, download your software update today and get to browsing. Lastly, for everyone that was wondering, Angry Birds for Mac is also available today in the App Store. Go take down those pigs!


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Let’s Pre-Order a Digital Download…Just Because

After a soul-crushing flag football defeat tonight in Seattle Center, I naturally floated to my laptop to keep track of my fantasy teams and check out if the latest Engadget podcast had downloaded to my iTunes library yet.

In my multi-tab stupor, I noticed a friend who said they were checking out the new Kanye album.  I could write a whole post on why I don’t like him as a person, but his music has always been great.

So while the podcast downloaded, I noticed that I can pre-order the new Kanye album today on iTunes.  Then I thought to myself – why would anyone ever actually do that?

New Kanye album available for pre-order

Here, pre-order a digital copy. Apparently these are scarce?

So I did a few Google searches, and the only thing that the internet can come up with is that there can be (but not all the time) a lower price for a pre-order than when you order it after release.  However, a few of the same searches have shown me that generally for high-demand digital downloads (movies, music) don’t get this price break.

Another thought from the internet was that so Apple can already begin to collect money on albums that haven’t released yet.  I am no accountant, but I think that accounting rules wouldn’t allow the recognition of revenue unless the product/service has been delivered.

If anyone has ever done this, please let me know why, and if there was any benefit.

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My Unofficial Rules of Foursquare

As an avid Foursquare user now for some time, I think it is cool that more and more people are starting to discover the “game” of it all and using it as a way to meet up with friends.

There has been a few times where I have used it to meet up with people who were near me, discover new places and also as a Superuser, close venues that are no longer with us.  I also feel since I was an early adopter (shout-out to by friend Ken who introduced it to me), then I get to make some rules for all the newbies that are getting on board.

So, I give you – my unofficial rules to Foursquare, as I have declared myself the official arbiter of what can and can’t be done.

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