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I Hope To Create Professional Moment

As a Christmas present to myself, I ordered some new lenses and a vertical battery grip for my Canon Rebel XTi.

One upside to buying a used DSLR body is that generally (and I am being very general), the main difference between DSLR bodies from the original Digital Rebel and to an extent, the T2i, is the ability to shoot HD video.  If you don’t care about this, for the most part, you aren’t missing out on much between upgrades over the years*.

However, the downside is usually the accessories (Canon supported and aftermarket) get harder and harder to find as new camera bodies hit the market once a year.  Lenses are never a big deal.  Canon mounts have been the same for years.  That makes lens shopping easy, but the vertical battery grip was a different issue.

After searching Amazon and Craigs up and down, the official Canon vertical battery grip was just no longer available brand new.  Even the respected 3rd party accessory makers grips were hard to find, until I stumbled across this $40 grip and decided to take a flyer out on it.

Vertical Battery Grip

Brand name? Not needed.

So I took this baby out of the box and charged it up.  The instructions were sparse, but this isn’t brain surgery.  Charge it up, remove the old battery door and plug this guy in.  After a few hours, I flicked the power on the camera and it powered up as it should.

As I was packing away this accessory I took a peek at the box lid.


The engrish on the top of this box - priceless.

I didn't know I was a professional. I am now after spending $40.00

I immediately dropped the box lid and looked up slightly to the right with my head cocked.  I wish there was a professional there to capture the moment, but behold, I was the professional.  I hope to use this cheap battery grip to make moment like a professional don’t forget.


*I know real photographers would read this and would be quick to point out all the differences between the original Digital Rebel, the XTi and what is in market now.  My point though that for the amateur photographer who is just getting basic techniques down – the major differences between these models wouldn’t make a difference to the types of photos they take.


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