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365 Things to do before you Die

I don’t know if it was the movie “The Bucket List” that spawned this phenomenon to me (or at least made me aware of it), but I seem to seriously be seeing the words “Bucket List” all over these days.  I have seen status updates of people doing things that I personally would never do, as I deem most of the bucket list-worthy activities as an unnecessary risk.

I don’t have a list (outside of most definitely wanting to travel more, and also getting more familiar with my DSLR), but I was inspired by this advertisement I saw on Facebook that maybe it is time for me to start one.

Apparently you can water ski behind a F-14

You got a new tower on your boat? Well I ski behind a F-14.

I think this ad did the job – I didn’t necessarily click on it, but I did the more interactive thing of grabbing a screen of it and putting it up free of charge to LivingSocial.


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So I Answered my first Facebook Question

In the top right of my ever-bloating Facebook homepage has been one of the more recent Facebook product roll-outs, Facebook Questions.

For those of you that are not familiar, this approach of  crowdsourcing questions isn’t anything new.  Yahoo and others, like Aardvark have rolled out platforms that allow people to ask questions of a community to get an answer.  I really think the creation these services are more for opinion than factual question and answers.

Well when you introduce a this service to about 500 million people, you get those who use it for any type of question.  For example, the below.

Bet you didn't know that I invented the Xbox

Bet you didn't know that!

I don’t know Justin Van Ness, but he is my new hero.  I hope he has answered more questions like this.  I threw my color commentary in there for no reason other to be a smartass.  But to help the masses, I share a link with you.

Don’t say I didn’t ever teach you anything cool.

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