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365 Things to do before you Die

I don’t know if it was the movie “The Bucket List” that spawned this phenomenon to me (or at least made me aware of it), but I seem to seriously be seeing the words “Bucket List” all over these days.  I have seen status updates of people doing things that I personally would never do, as I deem most of the bucket list-worthy activities as an unnecessary risk.

I don’t have a list (outside of most definitely wanting to travel more, and also getting more familiar with my DSLR), but I was inspired by this advertisement I saw on Facebook that maybe it is time for me to start one.

Apparently you can water ski behind a F-14

You got a new tower on your boat? Well I ski behind a F-14.

I think this ad did the job – I didn’t necessarily click on it, but I did the more interactive thing of grabbing a screen of it and putting it up free of charge to LivingSocial.


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